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Silvi - Italian trimmings, string panels, string and fiber optic curtains for interior design
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Smart string curtain, Silvia is cosy: a light-hearted look at the day-dreams of new decorative spaces in large areas (hotel, offices, show rooms, etc.).

Silvia is light: a unique quality to get away from the ordinary.

Silvia is practical and adaptable to any type of fitment.

Silvia is ready for use: hang it as it is. No further trimmings are necessary.

Silvia is original: it fits any sort of decorative situation.

Silvia is hand or machine washable. Read instructions carefully.

Silvia is available in polyester and fireproof Trevira C.S.

Silvia sizes: cm. 210 width - cm. 250, cm. 270 or 320 length. Other sizes on request.
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